Friday, July 25, 2008

Best friends forever.

Bonnie and Chloe met on the first day of school, and became best friends instantly. Everyone marvelled at how quickly these two young girls came to mimic each other in manner and appearance, to the extent that even their parents would confuse them. Little did they know that one day, the charming likeness between the two girls would be the basis for their airtight alibi in the murder of twenty sixth-formers at Avalon Girls Grammar School.

As Bonnie flitted about the graduation ball, exchanging ... polite conversation with classmates, teachers and parents, Chloe silently and mercilessly slew every girl who entered the bathroom, building a great heap of corpses in the last cubicle. After the tenth murder, Chloe washed her hands, handed Bonnie the flask and dagger, and went to dance to her favourite song, Blondie's "Heart of Glass".

At precisely nine o'clock, Bonnie joined Chloe on the dance-floor. Everyone admired the pair as they dipped and twirled, blonde curls bouncing and flouncy skirts swirling. All eyes were on them as the song ended, and the principal tapped on the microphone, coughing.

For the first time in remembered history, there was a joint winner for prom queen.

Bonnie and Chloe squeezed each other's hands, and walked onstage with matching smiles.

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Jess Lee said...

Hey I came across your site through Polyvore! Nice sets. Cool story too.