Friday, July 25, 2008

Cat and bird.

Lena is the sweet librarian who always wipes your fines, who keeps a jar of jelly babies for the children who come for storytime, who stays after her shift to finish shelving and then rushes home to feed her kitty, Smit. Before Smit there was a bird called Peek. One summer day Lena had let it out as usual, for a bit of a flap around the tiny flat, but this time it flew straight out the kitchen window. Sometimes Lena thought she saw Peek in the tree outside the library office window, but the ... feathers were always too green, or too yellow.

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_V said...

Hey Julz, It's Vi. I'm adding your blog to my site so i can keep track of it more, if you don't mind.

I'm liking the fashion blog. Lately i've been into this fashion thing too - been sewing my own stuff and what not. I like how you've themed it, and write snippets to go with the clothes.

Hey, do you have a everyday blog? I loved your writing. Still do ofcourse.

Cheers darlin'