Thursday, July 17, 2008

First entry.

New blog, yay! I've been keeping blogs for nearing ten years now. Sometimes they've been more personal and autobiographical, sometimes more political and analytical, at other times downright inane with fannish squees, too many links to things mildly amusing at best, and mindless musings about what I might have for dinner. Sometimes I've more or less used it to bookmark things I'd like to find again later, with shameless disregard for my readers.

So, hopefully this one will be a bit more engaging, though I make no promises. For now I'll probably just post my Polyvore sets, and maybe some photos of real-life outfits, but it might evolve into something greater. I'd like to include my thoughts on new collections and current trends, and perhaps even a Sartorialist-style, Melbourne fashion watch type thing. Thought my primary motivation there is to have an excuse for taking photos of pretty people I meet in the street.

And of course, I reserve the right to muse, mindlessly, about what I might wear tomorrow.

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