Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lemmings #1: T-bars.

I'd really like a pair of t-bars. I've decided not to buy shoes for a while, but if, say, I won a non-transferable voucher at a shoe store, I could really go a pair of basic black t-bar flats.

(Given that mary janes have been my staple footwear for the last five years or so, it's not that big a stretch of the imagination, really. I actually used to have a great pair of schoolgirlish black low-cut t-bar flats, but they got mangled in a turnstile door, and I decided to abandon to their natural ... death as the heel was pretty far gone anyway.)

Anyway, this is what I would wear with three pairs of t-bars: the classic t-bar, the ankle-strap variant, and the fabulous double-strap (a t-bar and a mary jane at the same time!). Other breeds of t-bar I like include the t-bar supplemented with cut-outs, the low-cut t-bar, and the verticle double-strap. I'm intrigued but worried by the peeptoe t-bar -- all peeptoes give me some anxiety, actually, as they're not quite sandals and yet require attractive toe, which seems like too much effort frankly.

Coincidentally, all three examples I've used are heels, which is odd because I prefer flats. I think it's just because they photograph better, but I wonder if I can blame the Sartorialist for conditioning me to prefer heels.

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