Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lemmings #4: Spectators.

I love that this style of shoe has become trendy -- enough so that I've finally learned the name of them so I no longer have to say "you know, those two-toned shoes, lace-up, with perforated leather and sometimes scalloped edge detail, like bowling shoes or rockabilly dance shoes?". I might get a pair when they start to go out of style and get discounted. Not so sure about the sort of combined mary jane / derby / spectator styles that are currently popular (like this). My heart says yes but my ... head says "how?". In sourcing shoes for this set I came across a couple of other styles I fancy: these gorgeous brown t-bar spectators and these spunky red patent leather mary jane spectators -- I think wingtips look much better than a straight captoe.

All my new found knowledge of footwear terminology comes from, which is especially great when supplemented with the fabulously detailed descriptions at I like knowing jargon -- it's nice to be able to describe things precisely and concisely.

This set pretty much features everything I love -- cameo lockets, alice bands, tuxedo jackets, bustle skirts, seamed stockings. I have a fabulous vintage frockcoat that I bought years ago and rarely wear because it's a bit too big for me and can only really be worn with skirts of the same length, but I lent it to my sister the other week for a school dress up day (she was going as a Suffragette) and it looked so great on her I think I might try it out again.

I'm just getting into steampunk style at the moment, so I guess this is inspired by that but it turned out to be more a straight interpretation of Victorian style (though I like to think it's not so historical that you'd look like a movie extra). Then again I don't really mind looking sartorially anachronistic -- without a Tardis, fashion is my time machine.

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