Thursday, July 24, 2008

Outfit with Purpose #10: Muslim chic.

I'm not Muslim myself (and obviously not all Muslim women wear hijab anyway) but I've noticed a lot of great Islamic wear sets on Polyvore, and wanted to experiment with it. I joined the Modesty group because I like to challenge myself, and I think style is much more interesting when you have some kind of restriction (I'm also a member of various groups where the sets must contain flats, hats or the colour black).

I pretty much based this set around the gorgeous colours and beading in that hijab. The flower brooch can be worn decoratively, or used ... to pin close the cardigan, as there aren't any buttons as far as I can tell -- I think the long bits on the cardigan are intended to be wrap ties, but I think they look great just hanging, and the vertical lines give a nice shape to an outfit that is quite loose.

Anyway, this is my first attempt at an intentionally modest outfit (though quite a few of my existing sets are coincidentally modest), so let me know what you think!

If you're interested, there are a bunch of great Islamic wear style blogs around -- I'd recommend Hijab Style to start, but it links to many others.


Basbousa said...

I think the outfit is beautiful. Good job. Visit my page for more hijab inspiration

Jana said...

Very nice! I love purple and black :D