Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Outfit with Purpose #7: Rockin' the suburbs.

This is my attempt at updating 1950s housewife style. My lover (who likes most of my sets) winced and proclaimed it "butt ugly", and part of me agrees, but I kind of love the slightly grotesque and incongruous combinations. I specifically chose this dress over various other full-skirted options that were easier to work with because it's so ridiculously loud. What do you think? Weirdly awesome, or just ugly?

P.S. The swing coat should be worn open, over the shoulders, for maximum effect .... Appropriate lingerie is essential.


Anonymous said...

I love the dress: it's an Oscar de la Renta, isn't? Looks like a repro '50s - anyway, I think it's gorgeous but the 60s style swing coat will add too much bulk. I think it would work better with either a shorter coat (waist length would be ideal) or a coat that is fitted into the waist, like a '40s princess style.

Lia said...

Yes, it is Oscar de la Renta, well spotted. You're right about the coat -- waist-length would be nice, I think. I'd considered a fitted cardigan but it seemed too girly, and this coat but then that didn't quite work with the boots (though arguably neither does the dress, but I love them both so much!).

Anonymous said...

love the Fendi coat! I'd wear that in a snap - it would look great over the frock, although a colour would be nice. How about this?.