Saturday, July 19, 2008

Outfit with Purpose #6: Olympian.

I haven't seen the Australian team's uniforms for these Olympics yet, but they're usually hideous. To be fair, green and gold isn't really the best palette to work with, and I imagine it's impossible to find shades that look good on all skin tones.

Nevertheless, my suggestion would be something along these lines. A blazer is a classic component of any uniform, and I think a shirt and trousers combination will suit the wide range of figures an Olympics team includes. The tie is a bit boring, but ... allows for visible continuity with other team members when not wearing the blazer. I've included a fair few accessories, to cater for individual preferences and some creative expression within the uniform -- flats and pumps, two belts, sunnies, watch, bag and purse. If I were actually designing a uniform, I'd want some more options for layering. Ideally all the leather items would have pleather alternatives for the vegetarians in the team. And with great restraint I refrained from indulging my penchant for pussy bow blouses, all in the name of simpler styles to suit more people. Though I didn't have a unisex set in mind, I think with this could work for men with minor alteration.

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