Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Outfit with Purpose #9: Whip-crack away!

What she rides ain't horses, but she digs her heels in all the same.


A bit of a naughty one, with a touch (oh, just a touch) of pony play about it. The title comes from the Doris Day song "The Deadwood Stage", from the musical Calamity Jane, which I am finally seeing this Sunday at the Astor.

The shoes are by Fluevog, which is available at Sole Devotion, the fabulous shoe shop that's opened on Degraves St (I think there's one on Greville St too). I can't afford a thing from there but it's part of my Wednesday ritual to gaze adoringly at the shoes in the window, the paper at Il Papiro and the underwear at Smitten Kitten, say hi to a friend who works at Little Cupcakes, and maybe buy a waffle from Marc the Belgian waffle man before heading in to work at Ross House. For lunch I might get a cheap baguette from the kiosk on Centre Place, or a panini from No. 5 if I'm less stingy. After work I usually drop by the City Library, explore the shops down in Campbell Arcade -- Sticky, the Cat's Meow, Corky Saint Clair, Muff and Subject to Change -- and check out the Platform gallery if there's a new exhibition.

Wednesdays are the greatest.

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