Thursday, July 17, 2008

What I Wore #1 - Sat 12/7/08

What I wore last night, for going to see a hip-hop burlesque show at a queer club. First time out with my new haircut (it's gone from a bob, just past chin length at the front and curving shorter at the back, with a side fringe, to a somewhat uneven number 10 all over).

- black medium-heel lace-up shoes
$1 at a Tasmanian op shop! Mine have a lower heel than the ones in the picture, and with black rivets and no toe cap.

- black linen short-sleeved collared shirt
Mine has slight ruching around the waist but it's not very noticeable. I bought it off eBay and it was waiting for me when I got back from Tas -- I think a big part of the attraction of eBay for me is getting things in the mail.

- grey denim-like wide-leg pants
Exactly like the ones in the picture, but I took out the waist tie and used a regular leather belt instead. Also from a Tasmanian op shop, for $2 -- hurrah for bargains!

- white dotty chiffon scarf
Mine's long and skinny, and I wore it wrapped and knotted around with ends left to hang. I got it from Camby markets some time ago and didn't think that much of it at the time, but it's so versatile, I really love it now. I can wear it as a belt or tie to break up black outfits, knotted in a pussy bow to girly up plain shirts, and around my hair to cover up bits that are sticking out. Now that I have even shorter hair scarves are really great for when I want a change, because I can't really do anything else to my hair at this length.

- jacket
This was the most similar picture I could find! Mine's
a navy wool duffle bomber jacket with cream striped cuffs and hem, and a hood. I got it in China last year and I wear it almost everyday. It's really warm and comfy but not as shapeless as a normal hoodie. And the pockets are great; I'm not used to having pockets but they keep my hands toasty and a bit less awkward. This is pretty much the only coat/jacket I wear with pants now, as my ankle-length brown coat is a bit ungainly, and everything else I have is thigh or knee length which doesn't really work with trousers for me.

- black square plastic framed glasses
As always! Mine are a slightly different shape but probably no one else would notice. For years I had dark blue glasses frames and even my closest friends remembered them as black.

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