Tuesday, August 5, 2008

All Australian.

Entry for the Australian designers contest in the Voguettes group: Gorman pants, Alice McCall shoes, Wheels and Dollbaby shirt, Mimco bag, upcycled laptop sleeve from madeit.com.au (the Australian version of Etsy), Dinosaur Designs earrings, and Overland which is probably my favourite Australian literary and current affairs journal at the moment (replacing Meanjin in my quarterly affections, oh no!).

I had wanted a rolled-up copy of The Age or SMH to go with the black and white theme, but I ... couldn't find an appropriate image. I'm not happy with the layout of the set. It was actually quite a challenge because while there are many great Australian designers, most of the photographs I found online were catwalk shots, magazine spreads, or at least had the clothes on models. Apart from S&B it was quite hard to find single items on a plain background -- I think I only saw one such photo for Alannah Hill!

Those of you who know me will probably be snickering and thinking "about time Lia did a black and white set".

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