Friday, August 1, 2008

Art Guard.

Most of the sets I make are based on a particular idea or image, without little thought on the look of the person who would wear such an outfit. But for this one I had a strong image of a woman in her 40s or 50s, with a professional job in the arts.

She might be the curator of a small gallery, or the director of a film festival. She likes ... bright colours, rich textures and unusual designs. When her clients and associates compliment her style, she is always proud to tell them of the young local designer who crafted her resin and steel necklace, or Eames inspired shoes, but embarrassed if the item in question is from a chain store or major label. She doesn't like to remember how much money she spends these days, and tries to pretend she's still a student, hunting for that special find in a Brotherhood of St Lawrence bin, rather than someone with stocks, board positions, and a gargantuan collection of luxury handbags.

She has been married for nearly a decade, but uses her own surname, and insists upon "Ms". She wears her hair in a sharp bob, or a sleek chignon with a silver filigree pin. Her name is Robyn, or Francesca.


I am crazy about United Nude shoes at the moment, especially these Mobius strip ones. Also a big fan of ombre/degradé patterns and colour block -- I got a fantastic black and white colour block dress from the local op shop the other day, for $2. It's a simple short black shift dress where the left half of the front is white. Very mod, and it'll look excellent if I find a belt for it.

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