Sunday, August 10, 2008

Backstage treats.

I really like this set -- I think it just manages to be sugar sweet while narrowly avoiding twee. I'm not sure if I'd want the pink star buttons sewn onto the singlet, or if they're just there for decoration. I've been buying lots of buttons lately. I imagine it on a teenage girl taking the tram to dance class, with bubblegum in her mouth and headphones in her ears.

Designer information: You can buy the works of the featured artist on Etsy, I think. Pretty sure it's a local gal -- maybe not Melbourne but definitely Australian. The earrings are from, and the singlet is from an Australian company ... (Metalicus) but I'm not sure if they manufacture here. You can get the Code Pink NoSweat sneakers (as well as a dozen other types) at Friends of the Earth on Smith St in Collingwood.

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