Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bicycle blues.

Entry for the first contest contest in the "It's all in a dress" group -- it had to be a daytime outfit using only a dress and accessories, with gloves being compulsory. I considered adding a belt to this dress but decided against it in the end. I know that a bicycling outfit should really involve a helmet and no heels, but if the Sartorialist says it's okay, who am I to argue?

The scarf is for keeping the wind from your lovely locks -- take care not to let it flow too long or it might wind up in your chain!

I love these colours together but let me say that I am never this colour co-ordinated in real life.


_V said...

aaah LOVE LOVE LOVE this colour scheme. Why have i never thought of baby blue and brilliant red. must try some time.

I'd wear that!

Lia said...

Thanks! My old bedroom was blue (though more a light dusky blue than this clear baby blue) and I always wanted to paint my door and window sill shiny bright red. Never did it though!