Friday, August 1, 2008

The Lady Killers.

I was talking to Jackie after seeing The Dark Knight (which both of us liked) about my perfect action movie: It would either be a gangster story set in Chicago during Prohibition (like Bugsy Malone) or something about assassins working for the French Resistance. The stars would be Maggie Gyllenhaal and Eva Green, either as partners or nemeses -- lots of sexual tension between them, either way.

This set layout is modelled on the image of Bruce Wayne walking through the door with three girls on his arm. I ... quite like the idea of Maggie Gyllenhaal and Eva Green flanked by their bitches. Maybe the Olsen twins? Haha.

I imagine Maggie in the shirt and trousers, and Eva in the teal dress (which is a little like the gorgeous gown she wore in Casino Royale). I would love to see her in something like this emerald dress Gina McKee wore to the BAFTAs.
The gunmetal grey dress I imagine on a willowy blonde like Uma Thurman, and the black dress is very Dita von Teese, but I think Halle Berry or Rose MacGowan could rock it.

Poison, pistol, fire and blade.
Mother, crone, whore and maid.

The Lady Killers.


tang said...

Did you see Eva Green in the Dior couture during Cannes last year? Ohmigod, I almost asphyxiated from the sheer hotness:

As Mr Joachim would say: the drapery!

_V said...

this is just a great ensemble. mmm hot and class. hotclass. i like the patent black shoes with the red heels and the spider web cuff. would definitely wear! off to camby to find a replica! yay

Lia said...

I wish I had the occasion to wear gowns like this ... sadly my life is a little too messy for full-length gowns, and a little too big for clutch purses. So for now it's mostly tea dresses and satchel bags -- but I do throw in silk and pearls as often as is practicable!