Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lately II

continued ...

Daily outfit (Sunday 17 August):
  • black dress -- Camby markets, $4
  • maroon patterned tights -- I forget, probably a Myer hosiery sale
  • blue vintage heels - RSPCA shop, $3 maybe
All I can say is that I love this dress. It's a really beautiful cut and so comfortable. I think I should replace the buttons with white pearl ones though -- what do you think? Currently they're half pearls in a sort of magenta colour.

I love these shoes too even though they don't go with the dress at all. I thought my pointed black kitten heels would make it a bit uptight though.

Daily outfit (Thursday 21 August):
  • black riding coat -- Fitzroy Hunter Gatherer, $20
  • black cheesecloth shirt -- Review via MSA Survival Centre
  • black velvet double-tiered skirt -- Collingwood Salvo's, $6
  • black opaques -- Target, $1.80
  • black ankle boots -- a little shoe shop in Shanghai, about $15
For no particular reason on this day I just decided to goth the fuck up. I'd bought the skirt recently to wear with my new corset (yet to be seen by the wider public) and picked up the shirt at the student union Survival Centre (a welfare department service) when dropping off some of my unwanted clothes. I've had the jacket for years but sort of forgotten about it as it's a little big for me and only really works with knee-length full skirts, but I rediscovered it after lending it to my baby sister (who's taller than me already, at age 11) for a school dress up day (she went as a Suffragette, how fucking awesome is my sister?).

Sorry for my photos always being crap!

Daily outfit (Sunday 24 August):
  • red jumper -- hand-me-downs from Lauren's family friend
  • spotted cotton box-pleat skirt -- hand-me-downs from my mother's friend
  • teal tights -- Target, $2
  • red ankle-wrap velcro shoes -- children's department of a Chinese shoe store, about $10
  • blue elephant badge -- Sticky Institute
I quite like this skirt (it's navy with red and white spots) but I rarely wear it because it always requires ironing. The jumper is great -- it has a square neck and pointed sleeves, with ribbing around neckline, hem and sleeves. I tend to get forget jumpers and prefer cardigans until I remember that you can wear them with just a singlet or tank underneath, which solves the issue of competing necklines.

Ta-ta for now!


Anonymous said...

I love the first dress - I could never wear a length like that I would look ridiculous.

Your other outfits are awesome too :D and what a rad sister!

Lia said...

Thanks! All fashion advice I've ever read for short girls tells me not to wear anything that falls mid-calf either but I'm not sure why. And yes, my sister's growing to be so cool, it's really lovely to see.