Wednesday, August 27, 2008


What I've been wearing lately ....

Daily outfit (Wednesday 13 August):
  • printed chiffon shirt - Cat's Whiskers via Camby markets, $1
  • black drill pants -- Dangerfield via Camby markets, $2
The only prints I've worn for years are stripes, spots and perhaps occasionally checks or houndstooth. Coloured prints scare me. So I'm not sure about this shirt (the neckline is unusual for me too, and I think it must be too big because I realised later there was a side zip that hadn't seen, which suggests it's supposed to be a tighter fit) but it's kind of fun. I'm a big fan of light-as-a-dream chiffon shirts, and maroon and navy have somehow become my dominant palette this winter.

Daily outfit (Thursday 14 August):
  • keyhole polka dot dress -- Burnie Salvo's, $1
  • purple opaques -- Target, $2
  • black blazer -- Miss Cherry via Camby Markets, $2
Burnie op shops seem to be heaps cheaper than Melbourne ones (though maybe that's because I rarely travel past the Met web in Melbs) and like with outer suburb op shops, it takes a bit more hunting but you're more likely to come away with something great than in the inner city where vintage resellers and a greater concentration of savvy shoppers snatch up everything interesting really quickly. Sizing is tricky, though -- I think everything I bought was from the kids' section. Kids' dresses often work well for me anyway because they're a straighter fit, like a cheongsam, and come in fantastic colours and prints.

The blazer's part of my massive Camby markets haul -- I was lemming a casual black blazer so I was really chuffed to find so cheap that fit. If only I can find a formal one (single button, rounded hem, velvet trim or satin lapels) I will truly feel blessed by Fashionista Fortuna.

I've been stocking up on hose from Target lately -- a whole bunch are reduced to around $2, though in the city store I had to really scrummage to find ones that weren't footless. But I've ended up with purple, fuschia, smoky blue (different to the teal ones I already have, I swear!) and navy -- all opaques -- and shiny red lace trimmed footless ones. Walking around Target on these hosiery expeditions I'm surprised by their range -- I think a lot of their clothing looks better than what's in chainstores like Sportsgirl at the moment, in design and quality, at much smaller prices (though still too much for me given that I'm kind of fascistically frugal). And they have organics. I'm pretty sure it's all sweatshop but so are all those chainstores -- even the Australian made brands use outworker labour with pretty poor pay and conditions. Not that I think Target is ethical by any means, but it frustrates me when people are snobbish about brands on the basis of ethics, when actually most high end fashion has atrocious labour practices and the only designers with any commitment to ethical production are probably a handful of mid-range labels more or less dedicated to ethical consumerism (as problematic as that is in itself) apart from a couple of notable exceptions like Lisa Gorman and Stella McCartney (and I don't even know much about either of them).

No Sweat Shop Label

I'm giggling now because Spellcheck suggested "fascistic ally" for "fascistically". I was hoping it might suggest "fantastically".

More to come ...

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