Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Not really a lemming as it's not a current trend (as far as I know), but at the moment I'm really craving a little black dress with cap sleeves, a square, halter or sweetheart neckline, hem just below the knee and fitted to perfection. The sort of thing you could imagine Dita von Teese wearing:

It's not a style that I would have thought would work on me, but I tried one at Muff Vintage in Campbell Arcade a while ago and it was a little too big but otherwise pretty hot. I think that one was Cue -- I've seen a Supre version too, at Sally's Vintage on Smith St, but again the wrong size.

I'm a big fan of the Alexander McQueen one that I used in the Lady Killers set, and I've come across a few others in my explorations on Polyvore:

Alexander Mcqueen enhanced shoulder dress, Zac Posen "Ambrosia" dress

Michael Kors sweetheart dress, Rodnik bow-front dress

What do you think of this style? Would you wear it with gloves, hat and heels, or attempt to dress it down somehow? Or is it just too glam for everyday wear?

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mary said...

I love more structured dresses, and the last one is very delightful.
I don't know if I would do gloves with it because I;d worry a bit of coming off as cheap, not glamorous, but I would pair it will as many pearl bracelets as I could.