Tuesday, August 5, 2008


This is the first of an embarrassingly large series of posts involving new acquisitions. I was given these Docs a couple of months ago by my friend Lauren, who found them at the tip. The bag I bought from Camberwell markets on Sunday. I mainly got it because I liked the aeroplane, although looking at it again there's something unnervingly phallic about it. But it's actually pretty handy -- there's lots of compartments, and the outside pocket is great for being able to grab my bus ticket and phone without lots of fumbling. It's a good size, too -- not as bulky as the other green woven bag I usually use for uni, which is useful for emergency grocery shops, but it fits my A4 spiral notebook and 400 page subject reader easily, which makes me think it's a distant cousin of the Tardis. (Yes, sci-fi references will be a regular feature of this blog. They're what keep me from feeling subcultural shock at engaging so enthusiastically with fashion.)

Daily outfit (Tuesday 5 August):

  • long grey singlet
  • dusky blue v-neck cap sleeve t-shirt -- Kookai via RSPCA shop, $1
  • black drill pants -- Dangerfield via Camby markets, $2
  • navy wool hooded duffle bomber jacket -- China, last summer, about $AU 10
  • cherry wine Doc Martens -- reclaimed from waste!
  • maroon aeroplane bag -- Camby markets, $2
  • silver swirl earrings -- Camby markets via gift from Loki
A really casual outfit that I threw on while running (late) out of the house for my morning class, only to realise later how much maroon I was wearing. As well as the shoes and the bag, the tartan on the inside of my jacket's hood has a dark red as a main colour. I had six pockets today (two in my jacket and four in my pants) which was lovely for my cold hands and quite unusual for me. I think I could get used to this "practical" dressing instead of my usual dresses and ankle-length coats.

I have to giggle at how unnecessarily detailed my descriptions are -- how much do I need to say about a t-shirt? But I'd always hated wearing t-shirts, and now I realise it's just that crew necks and shapeless sleeves don't suit me. V-necks and cap-sleeves are fine -- and a good fit makes a lot of difference. So before you think "I can't wear x", get a little more specific. It's the same with colours -- I really love blue-greens but light aqua colours make me look sick while rich dark turquoises are gorgeous.

And now I better sign-off before this turns into an advice column. No Trinny and Susannah here, promise!

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