Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Short, sweet and street.

Entry for the Polyvore Tokyo street style contest -- it had to be made exclusively with items from a bunch of Japanese fashion web sites. Pretty difficult given that I couldn't search categories on most of these sites as I don't read Japanese. I was going for something interesting but not too put -together -- something that a reasonably style-conscious person might wear, but not for a special occasion. That's what street style means to me (as opposed to just something I would happen to wear on the street, because you know, that's where I walk and stuff). What do you think?

I also tried to create something that I can see being worn in Tokyo (based on looking at some Japanese fashion and style sites in the past, and reading Fruits and stuff, though I didn't research anything especially for this set), without overdoing the cutesy or OTT styles that are often associated with Japanese fashion, but also without just creating something based on Melbourne style and Australian trends (though the outfit is not at all unimaginable here).

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