Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Girls in love.

I've been watching a film called The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love, except I'm less than halfway through because the DVD is playing up. Anyway, I thought I'd make a set for young lovers, all cute and colourful without being too twee or covered in rainbow hearts, appropriate for a mid adolescent wearer. I also didn't want to play into the butch-femme dichotomy, so they're both a bit girly without being super-femme. I really like that the heart necklace brings together the colours ... of both outfits.

The khaki hi-tops are hemp No Sweat, and the mary-janes are by Camper, which seem to have pretty decent social and environmental credentials though I don't think they're actually no-sweat accredited.


I finished the film -- it's ridiculously cute, and hilariously awkward. Some of the awkwardness is perfect, just capturing the clumsiness of the first stages of any relationship, especially early relationships. But at times the script just seems off. One of the first scenes between the girls, in the school bathroom, didn't ring true for me at all. And as my lover pointed out, when together the girls are too similar in their speech and mannerisms -- though their characters come out more when they're apart, and the scenes with their respective families are fantastic. All in all, it's a lovely film, and both the girls are gorgeous and very good in their parts. Definite cause for a bit of "aww".

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