Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Great Galah.

I saw a flock of galahs on my way to uni the other day, and thought, gosh, what a stylish bird. Pink and grey is really an excellent colour combination. So here's a set inspired by galahs. With two choices of shoe.

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tang said...

I really like these colours together! I would have thought they wouldn't sit together well without looking a bit forced and powdery, but they're just soft, without the hard candy sweetness. The button up dress is kinda awesome...on someone who is not me. That someone obviously being a disembodied armless, headless, legless mannequin.

I love the Ginko leave design, even though that necklace looks like something I'd break in a second, or stretch, or crumple. 'tevs. Point is, I wish there could be some way of replicating the full effect of autumnal ginko leaves all shimmying about in a golden shower. But you couldn't actually pull that off in real life without looking like you'd either been swimming around in gold dusted seaweed all day, or dancing in a Vegas bar all night.