Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lately III.

Far too lazy to post what I'm wearing on a daily basis, so you'll have to make do with these mass posts.

Daily outfit (Wednesday 27 August):
  • black and white mod shift dress -- RSPCA op shop, $1
  • black and white beads looped together -- thrifted some time ago
  • red lace-edged footless tights -- Target, $1.50
  • wide black elastic belt -- RSPCA op shop, $1
  • pointy black kitten heels -- a vintage shop in Hobart, $12
I bought this dress some months ago but hadn't got around to wearing it. I love black and white beads looped together but on second thought I decided to add a third colour and a belt. The look is a bit too trendy for me, I think. If I have time I'll shorten this dress a tad.

Daily outfit (Saturday 30 August):
  • grey silk tuxedo/kimono shirt -- RSPCA op shop, $2.50
  • near-black trousers -- Gap via vintage stall in campus markets, $6
  • grey organic cotton tank -- part of Gorman pyjama set, $10
  • dark grey double-strand pearls -- present from my mother
Sorry this photo is so dodgy! The streaks on the shirt are from the light reflecting off the mirror -- I really have to work out a better way to take photos. If only I had a tripod. Anyway, I just got this shirt last week and I absolutely love it, though it's a bitch to iron. It's an example of what I was saying in a previous post about awesome being better than sexy. Long, loose shirts don't particularly flatter my figure but who can resist a shirt inspired by both the tuxedo and the kimono, in dove grey silk? I felt like Lee-Lin Chin, except that in being infinitely more awesome than me, she'd probably have grey highlights in her hair to match, and entirely fabulous glasses frames.

Daily outfit (Sunday 31 August):
  • navy wool cape -- Camby markets, $2 (plus op-shopped buttons)
  • brown pleather bag -- RSPCA op shop, $3.50
I've always wanted a cape. It's "free size", which means somewhat too big for me, but oh-so-awesome. I think it would look better with bronze buttons though -- what do you think? (I'm a bit particular about buttons, have you noticed?)

I really ought'nt have got the bag as multiple bags make leaving the house so much more difficult, but it's so versatile, brown and plain with about a billion compartments, though it zips the wrong way which bugs me a little, but it was cheap and ... no excuses really, just a ridiculous impulse buy.

This last photo is an outfit I haven't worn out -- I just wanted to show off my corset and plug Dolly Q who made it. Front busk, back-lacing, and 18 steel bones. It's not bulletproof but it feels it. I think I'll wear it with my 20-up steel-capped Docs to feel close to invincible.


esme and the lane way said...

Amazing outfits! I especially love the b+w dress, what a find!

_V said...

YES love the dress! And i like that haircut. Does it defy gravity with some wax?

Hey julz, you should use auto timer? Wants to see you pose and dont' cover your pretty face with camera.

Lia said...

@ esme -- thanks!

@ V -- Oh, I know, but there's nowhere to put the camera and my room's such a mess. Though Loki rearranged our rooms today so it might work now. And no, no product -- my hair's just super-straight and stiff so when it's short it sticks up everywhere (even more when I've just woken up).