Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mad hat.

Menswear entry for the Steampunk Ball contest -- inspired by Lewis Carroll and City of Lost Children.


I loved Jeunet & Caro's films when I was a teenager, but hadn't rewatched them until recently when my partner rented out Delicatessen, and I fell in love with them all over again. I tend to watch whimsical indie flicks or heavy-hearted foreign dramas, and neither of which necessarily subscribe to a doctrine of realism (except perhaps the occasional Dogme 95 film), but nor do they transport you to some fantastical place like Jeunet & Caro. So, sometime soon I'm going to watch City of Lost Children again, and in the meantime, here's an outfit for a madcap mind with a time machine (such as a pocket watch).


tang said...

1. This is my favourite of your steampunk ball pieces. I love the fogged goggles, it gives the whole thing a zany, mad Victorian scientist feel. And the accessories are so lovely. The white feels a bit too crisp to be Victorian though? Perhaps I overload the notion of Steampunk with too much faux-sepia-suffused-nostalgia? But yes, other than that, I would dearly love to own everything featured, especially the pocket watch and the cane - the two most useless, but beautiful items. (Maybe least useful is better)

Also, if you're of willing mind, I have City of Lost Children. Although I did buy it overseas, so I can't really vouch for the subtitles, but from what I've watched, it all makes logical sense. We should have a Jeunet and Caro marathon, actually! With this and Amelie. And maybe A Very Long Engagement. Although that's only Jeunet and it's overly long, but if we watch it last, we can stop it after the pretty becomes too much, or too repetitive?

tang said...

Bugger, I think I forgot email notif on this one as well. Sorry!