Tuesday, September 2, 2008

She got cocky.

There's been heaps of great peacock-themed sets around -- check out the Polyvore blog post here: http://blog.polyvore.com/2008/08/birds-of-feather-flock-together.html

I tried to make this a bit more of a challenge by limiting myself to one item with the image of a peacock and one item featuring peacock feathers. The rest just make me think of peacocks, somehow -- the colour gradient of the earrings, the feathering of the lashes, the drape of the shirt.


tang said...

jsadf;j ARGH THOSE EARRINGS. I must have. Although I bet they're not half as pretty without a photographer positioning them so that they get the light bouncing off the opalescent shell material in just the right way. Still, they're so lovely. and this set really really works its theme well. My monitor was being a bit grumbly so I didn't see why you chose that particular top until I leaned in close but that's really clever, even if it's not something I would covet. Those lashes are fantastic as well.

Lia said...

Thanks, I was pleased that I didn't end up with five pieces of peacock feather jewellery. Personally my biggest lust is for the shoes ... so so lovely.

heartofpearl said...

i WANT those lashes!!! omg. so beautiful~