Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Arrivederci, RM by Roland Mouret, and styling feature pieces.

Arrivederci. by quean

An outfit for a lady who is prepared to leave her old life behind, but for the letters and photographs hidden in the lining of her bag. As the horn sounds she wraps her coat tight and looks into the distance. There's no one to bid her farewell. Only the journey ahead.


Not exactly a challenge, but Jackie commented on the Camper shoes I featured in a previous post, and I started to think about how else they could be styled. I like outfits that have one or two feature pieces that are foregrounded by other pieces being simpler, but still fitting -- I find it awkward though, to see something really spectacular worn with an outfit that is otherwise too plain. It's difficult to explain the difference. There's probably no infallible recipe for it, but sometimes colours, shapes and textures just come together to my taste, and other times something will be off.

Anyway, the point is that I wouldn't wear these shoes with an all black or all white outfit (particularly not black), but I think you only need one other splash of colour to balance them out. It doesn't need to match, either -- I just happened to think of this scarf among my unused items in Polyvore, but purple and pale orange tones might have worked too.

The dress is RM by Roland Mouret, from the Pre-Fall 2008 collection, which has already been worn by dozens of celebrities, despite being a little too similar to earlier collections in my mind. Nevertheless, they are gorgeously cut creations, with a lovely silhouette and elegant origami detailing. I especially liked the dress from his 2008 Spring collection that Rosamund Pike wore to the BAFTAs earlier this year, though it wasn't really appropriate for a red carpet event of that scale. (Pics below, via Red Carpet Fashion Awards and WendyLady2.) Very chic and femme with a vintage feel -- and for the win, it makes me think of stenographers. You know how I like stenographers.

You can view the full collection at Style.com.

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