Friday, October 17, 2008

Cool springs.

Cool springs. by quean

Spring's come, and it feels good! I hadn't realised how much the weather had got me down until I found myself feeling inexplicably happy when walking down a sunny street with cherry blossoms in bloom. So this is my set for the start of Spring, when it's still cool but full of light, and the flowers are making themselves quietly known, and I can finally go out in skirts without stockings.

The shirt would be tucked into the culottes but with the scarf out -- I couldn't layer the pictures. I'm a ... big fan of culottes but the one pair I have sit funny on my hips. I saw these Camper shoes in the window of Sole Devotion the other day and while I don't think I could carry them off myself, they definitely make me smile.


I'm way behind in updating this blog -- I made this set on Polyvore a month ago, when it actually was just the start of Spring. I love these sunglasses so much. The octagon is definitely an underappreciated shape.


tang said...

Mmm, i love the blues in this set. Especially the cuteness of that clutch/purse/pencil case. It's not something that's particularly practical and it would be cumbersome, but it's jsdkasooooo cuuute. And yeah, the shoes are very smile-inducing although I don't think I'd wear them either. Although they'd snazz up a boring all-black outfit with the most graceful ease. Although in that kind of scenario, it would be the outfit that's the display case for the shoes and what I like about this set is how you've gone about trying to incorporate them in without being matchymatchy.

Lia said...

Totes -- I wouldn't wear the shoes with black, but maybe nudes and navy, with a bangle or something to pick up the pink? I can imagine them with a cream-coloured trench, navy dress, and pink and blue patterned chiffon scarf ... hang on ...