Friday, October 17, 2008

Quite a pair.

Quite a pair. by quean

Blue, black and gold versus red, white and navy.

It's a showdown between two popular tattoo motifs, two focal pieces of jewellery, two hot frocks and two pairs of crazy amazing shoes.

Supplier information: Bag and shoes on the blue side are vintage. Sailor purse, charm bracelet and swallow necklace all by independent designers, and the necklace is made from recycled materials (vinyl records!).


I think the blue side wins for me, but only because I don't have the dainty nose and hourglass figure to pull off any rockabilly look.


tang said...

I MUST HAVE THOSE BLUE SHOES. Mmm, baby-boy blue!

Lia said...

Aren't they fab? I love anything with that sort of tough lux look to it ...