Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cut your losses.

Cut your losses. by quean

Yet another entry for the Spring Racing Carnival contest on the Australian Voguettes group, this one is racewear on a budget.

This set comes to $185, but I totally think you could get a whole brand new outfit for under $50 if you had the time, but suburban op shops don't have web sites I can nab pics from to make sets with on Polyvore.

You see vintage frame purses in op shops all the time though, for about $3 -- beaded, glomesh, or woven. Likewise you can get really nice jewellery from markets ... and op shops for under $10, such as enamel and filigree brooches. Fascinators and headbands are easy to make yourself from haberdashery bits for under $20. And anyways, unless you get a dress in a style and colour you never normally wear, you'd probably already have a couple of accessories to go with it.

Through making this set I realised that neither Diva nor Target Australia have web sites that you can clip from. Boo.

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