Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Everyday a-go-go.

Everyday go. by quean

An attempt at representing an "everyday" outfit for me, though such a thing doesn't really exist. But if I'm running out of the house, half an hour late (common practice for me) and have to throw on an outfit that looks halfway decent without thinking about it, it'll typically be a skirt, tee, stockings and flats.

That skirt will usually be full and fall to the knee, as anything too short scares me and anything longer requires fussing around with jackets, while knee-length will work with either ... my trench (also knee-length) or any number of cardigans.

Tees will be fitted but not tight, with cap sleeves and either a v-neck or crew neck -- nothing else is flattering. Apart from stripes, spots and the occasional political slogan, all my tees are plain.

Stockings will be brightly coloured, and often patterned or textured. Shoes will be flat so as to facilitate running for the tram. Hopefully I will already have all necessities in a wristlet, ready to throw into a bag, and now that I have a shorn head, I can show off big jewellery, but I'll rarely wear more than one piece, if any at all. It's nice not to have earrings get stuck in my hair though.

Specs will have been put on whenever I tumbled out of bed. The default ones are square black plastic frames with thin white lines over the top edge, but I have a couple of spares thanks to my darling mother and her recent sojourn overseas.

So this is what I look like on days where I don't have time to play. When I do, well, then anything goes.

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