Saturday, January 17, 2009

Highway Blues (goin' the country).

Highway blues (goin' the country).
Highway blues (goin' the country). by quean

Femme/butch, plaid/polka dots ... and a little bit of hanky code action ...

I've been getting into rockabilly style since starting to go to roller derby, but mostly on the drag side of things because the femme fashions are all about Bettie and Dita and I'm neither pale nor hourglassy and while my hair's black, it's also less than an inch long.

Nevertheless, I've been swooning over the dresses at, though I tend towards the more demure secretary styles by Stop ... Staring than all the spots and stripes that look like they ought be swinging.

Supplier/set information: These jeans are called "Lia Midnight", which pleased me. I've used these boots in a previous set, I'm sure -- they're so great. The belt on the skirt is nicer than the one on the top but this layout worked better. If anyone knows the name of those triangle-reinforced pockets, like on the shirt here, let me know. And the illustration is a Gil Elvgren, of course.

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