Saturday, July 31, 2010

Safari Dress & No New Year

Gosh, I haven't used this blog for over a year. Sorry, folks!

Here's a vintage safari dress I bought last week from Lost and Found Market for $5.

Generally I don't wear nothing-colours like beige, cream, camel or caramel -- and certainly not the colours often called nude -- but I'll make an exception here. I think the stone colour, stiff fabric, and the somewhat military shape come together to create a severity I really enjoy, especially when buttoned up to the neck. I love harsh, demanding femininity -- what corsetiere Andrea Johnson might call a specific, evil glamour.

I love the details around the shoulders, sleeves and waist, and the excessive number of buttons. And I think the narrow cuffs make my arms look bigger (all the better for caning my errant charges).

By the by, I've also begun blogging about my consumer practices at No New Year, along with my darling boy, Sister Felix Slowly.

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