Sunday, August 1, 2010


My friend Riots bought these shoes for me second-hand in Cairns. They were $35 which is a lot more than I'd usually pay, and they're too high for me to wear often. But I figure (like a corset) though the cost per wear is a lot higher than usual, they make quite an impact and will take an outfit from stylish to spectacular. Plus I've been into spectators and wingtips for years now, so I know it's not a passing fancy, and I like the idea of being able to instantly kinkify an outfit with such killer heels.

Tonight I'm wearing them to a fetish club with my $1 dress which I've shortened for the occasion, and a patent belt I got from the Salvation Army store in North Melbourne. I don't have the sewing skills for something like the uniform project but I can bring the skank at relatively short notice. I think I prefer its usual length though, so I'll probably let it out again.

I had my hair cut recently and I haven't got the hang of styling it yet, but it's kind of mod-ish. I think I'll ask for it shorter next time.

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