Saturday, September 11, 2010

Princesses are evil.

I did end up getting my femme relief last week, on Sunday night. This photo is pre-corset, as you can see from the background, but I added it after the shot (partly to complete the outfit, partly because the dress is falling apart so I don't want to strain it any further). One of my more expensive outfits even without the corset:

  • black floral print viscose dress -- Retrostar $35
  • black pleated skirt (worn under for bulk, not visible here) -- Lisa Ho via Savers, $5
  • black knee socks -- probably bought from a supermarket for $5
  • white lace cuffs -- made them myself
  • black flower headband -- Diva, $8
  • black lace-up shoes -- a Tasmanian op shop, $1
  • black underbust corset -- Dolly Q, $200
  • leather strap -- from Daddy
  • resin heart with diamante and text "I slept with him anyway" -- Johnston St warehouse sale, $2
I wear corsets maybe half a dozen times a year, perhaps a little more often now. So the price-per-wear is pretty ridiculous. This one cost more than my glasses, which I wear everyday (I usually buy glasses while I'm in China, where they're heaps cheaper). But then a corset can make a kick-arse outfit out of a handful of petticoats and a plain shirt or t-shirt.

And they feel amazing -- on Sunday night I had a cold and while I was on the tram getting to the venue, it felt like the corset was literally the only thing holding me together.

I'm not sure how I got into egl -- probably via goth which was never (aesthetically or practically) a good fit. But it's strange because I hated being dressed up in fancy, fussy princess dresses when I was a little girl. I guess I got into the broken doll look when I was a teenager, though I find it a pretty problematic style as a feminist.

Are there any styles you love now, that you thought you'd never come around to?

The title of this post comes from this fabulous song by The Coup:

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Ryan A. said...

I just happened to stumble upon this blog randomly on the internet, and I must say this is rather interesting.

I admire your ability to make interesting outfits out of components that you can find very inexpensively. I personally drop way more money on a single piece of clothing than you do.

I usually end up shopping retail, but you can get everything together quite well for your price point. I must say good job! I have a friend who shops like you do, so I couldn't help but check this out.